Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fibre in diet helps people suffering from diabetes

Diabetes: A diet with high fibre content will also be able to protect the person from diabetes and reduce the risk of getting diabetes. High fibre helps the person to feel full while eating and thus can help in promoting weight reduction. This is one of the main reason that fibre is included as part of the diet in many diet protocols.

Diabetes Care

This blog is related to care of the diabetes patient. First this article will list the various complications of diabetes.
1.Diabetes can result in increased glucose levels in the body.
2.Diabetes can cause nerve damage
3. Diabetes can cause decreased blood supply to the lower limbs.
4.Diabetes can cause eye problems.
5.Diabetes can lead to kidney problems.

Risk factors for Diabetes:
1. Sedendary life style.
2. Heredity.
3. Excessive calorie intake.

These are the various risk factors that can cause a person to be highly prone to diabetes. There are various methods of preventing diabetes and its complications. These include:
1. Lifestyle modification.
2. Exercise
3. Glycaemic control.
4. Decreased calorie intake.
5. Regular health check up.

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