Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes is a condition that affects almost people of all age groups. The condition is very dangerous because it causes not only damage to the body, but can also cause other diseases to occur in the person.

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you should be very careful as the nerves in your body can be affected. This can cause you to have decreased sensation in yur feet. This decreased sensation can cause you to have increased risk of damage to the foot. In fact you can get ulcers that can become chronic

There are many diabetics who have even had amputations because of these ulcers. There are certain simple methods of saving your feet and that is by caring for oyou r feet and protecting it from any further damage.

The various emthods of diabetes foot care are:
1. Daily inspection of your feet to make sure that you do not have any injury in your feet.
2. Wear soft footwear that will help to cushion and protect your feet.
3. Cut your nails straight and not curved.
4. Look for any blisters on your feet and take preventive steps to reduce it immediately.

These are some of the methods of caring for your feet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exercises in Diabetes

Exercises are very important in diabetes. This is mainly to control the amount of calories that are present in the body of the person. If you do not exercise, then all these excess calories will be stored as fat and further increase your risk of getting various other diseases.

Walking, hogging and swimming are the best kind of exercises that will keep you fit as well as keep the glucose levels under control.