Thursday, January 6, 2011

Type 1 Diabetes Causes And Other Information

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that is not very common and about 10% of the population of those with the diabetes suffer from this kind of disease. This is quite different from the other kinds of diabetes. There are many different kinds of diabetes and a person should be aware of the signs of diabetes and also the symptoms of diabetes to identify the disease as soon as the person is affected by it.

This kind of Type 1 Diabetes affects people from a younger age. There are many people who are affected in their childhood and many more are affected in their adolescent age. Many of the adults who are diagnosed with diabetes suffer from the Type 2 diabetes. There are many other names by which this Type 1 Diabetes is called. The common names include the juvenile diabetes and the insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The disease can also be called by the name juvenile onset diabetes, since the onset of the disease is in the adolescent age.

The main reason for the disease to affect people is that there is little or no insulin being produced by the pancreas. The pancreas are the organs that are very important for the body to produce the insulin. There are times when the pancreas stop producing the insulin. When there is no insulin in the body, there is a lack of ability of the body to regulate the glucose level in the body.

The lack of pancreatic function causes decreased insulin production or there is no insulin production leading to this kind of diabetes. Though young people are commonly affected, even older people can be affected by this kind of type 1 diabetes. Older people may be affected in case the pancreas are damaged by trauma or other conditions. Many people whose pancreas are damaged due to alcoholism suffer from this kind of diabetes. Similar is the case of those who have the pancreas removed in a surgical procedure due to damage to the organ.

As the pancreas fail to function, the person who is suffering from this disease will have very less or no insulin production. In those with Type 1 diabetes, since there is no insulin to regulate the glucose level in the blood, the person has to have artificial insulin injection. This insulin treatment is the only method of making the person to live with Type 1 diabetes.

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