Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Various Risk Factors For Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the major health problems of this century. It is one of the silent killers, just like hypertension. There are many people who suffer from this disease, especially in countries like India. Though the disease may not be deadly in the initial stages, it can lead to various problems that can cause significant amount of morbidity and mortality.

So what are the risk factors of diabetes? There are several risk factors of this disease. One of the major risk factors is the fact that there is a hereditary link to it, but there are also many other risk factors of this disease. They are all listed here.

Hereditary: The major cause of diabetes is the hereditary cause. Any person whose parents are suffering from diabetes has a higher chance of also suffering from the disease. This is mainly because of the fact that the genes are transferred from the mother to the child during birth. Though the disease is hereditary in nature, changing the lifestyle pattern of the person will help to reduce the risk of being affected by this disease.

Lack of exercise: The exercise that a person does is very important for the person to prevent diseases like diabetes. The reason for this is that when the person does not do a lot of exercises, all the food that is taken by the person will be stored as fat in the body. The fat deposits will accumulate and can lead to increased cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. So regular exercise will help to reduce the calories stored in the body.

Diet: A healthy diet is very important. Unhealthy diet is a very common cause of diabetes. The diet should include a lot of fiber. Lack of fiber in the diet will lead to diseases like diabetes. Other than the inclusion of fiber, reduction in high calorie diet and processed foods will reduce the risk of suffering from diabetes. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables that are natural will help to reduce the risk of suffering from diabetes.

There are many other risk factors of diabetes. These are the 3 top risk factors of diabetes. These are also the most preventable risk factors. Any person who is used to unhealthy diet should modify the diet pattern and start doing regular exercises. This will prevent the person from suffering from the disease.

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