Monday, December 27, 2010

Nail care and prevention of diabetic foot complications

Nail care is something that most people do not spend a lot of thought on. If you are a diabetic, then you have to be very careful with the nails on your foot. There are a lot of complications that can occur in the foot because of improper nail care. A diabetic foot is a foot that does not have adequate blood supply due to the disease. The foot of a person with diabetes may also have decreased or lost sensation. When the sensation is decreased or when there is no blood supply, then the foot is considered to be a diabetic foot.

Nail care forms an important aspect of foot care. When the nails are not trimmed properly, they can lead to various complications. Some of the complications that can occur in the diabetic foot due to improper nail care are listed here.

1. Infection: The nail can cause a lot of bacteria to collect which can cause infection if there is even a mild opening in the skin of the person. Infection can be very dangerous because it can lead to various complications in the foot of the person. Infection should be prevented at all costs and so the nail should be kept clean. Proper cleaning of the nail with water is very important. The nail should also be kept dry as much as possible to prevent any infection from exacerbating.

2. Cutting the nails straight: The nails should be cut straight. This is because if they are curved, then the edges of the nails can cause a cut in the skin next to it. This injury or break in the skin can lead to various problems like infection. If the wound is caused because of the nail, then the wound can become bigger if there is any decreased sensation or lack of blood supply in the area.

3. Avoid exposure to dirty water: The nails can become damaged if they are exposed to the dirty water that is present in public toilets and other similar places. The individual should make sure that the nails are not exposed to such infections. You should make sure than even if the nails get wet, they are cleaned with dirty water and then wiped dry to prevent further damage to the nails.

These are the major nail care activities that a person with diabetic foot should undergo to prevent damage to the nails.

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