Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Is Diabetes Foot Care Important?

Diabetic foot care is very important because of the fact that diabetes foot is one of the major causes of amputation of the foot. There are many people who suffer from various kinds of foot problems. There can be nail problems, skin problems, lack of blood circulation. Each of these problems are compounded by the diabetic foot.

The reason due to which the diabetic foot care is important are listed here in detail.

1. Risk of amputation:

The people who have loss of sensation or lack of blood circulation are at a very high risk of suffering from an ulcer in the foot. This causes the person to have a high risk of amputation. Once amputation occurs, there is a decrease in the life expectancy. This is one of the primary reasons for a person to be very careful about the foot and have good diabetic foot care.

2. Immediate damage:

The problems that are associated with the diabetic foot is that they can exacerbate immediately within a short time. There are many people who suffer from problems in their foot and unless they are extra careful, if they are diabetic, the foot complication can lead to long term morbidity and even mortality. Many diseases that cause complication may not cause any damage instantly, but in a person with diabetes, the complications can be instantaneous and this is the main reason for the person who is suffering from the diabetic foot problems to take extra care and precautions.

3. Infection:

Any of the diabetic foot complications can lead to infection, The lack of blood supply in the foot can lead to severe infection. The blood causes a reduction in infection by removing the harmful organisms from the site of injury. If there is a decreased blood supply, then it can lead to severe infection in the injury site. So, the diabetic foot care is important because if the foot is not taken care properly, then it can lead to systemic infection, which can finally lead to the death of the individual. All these facts are sure to have made you to understand the importance of diabetes foot care to prevent any complications from occurring.

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